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Collective network for cultural and social-cultural projects:

ÜberBrücken /UB moving on realizing EU project about: Art – Therapy 2018/19:

ERASMUS +PROJECTS – a strategic partnership in youth, adult and 50+ education  – EUROPEAN PATH OF SOCIAL INCLUSION

A HELLO to everyone interested to get to know more about our past and future projects;

ÜberBrücken participated in the CreArte Festival, the first Social-Artistic Festival in Spain, organized by Dora Fanelli, manager of Fundacion Escolar de Solidaridad FES.

Flyer BUENO.jpg granada spain festival.jpg

The ÜB team realized a dance theater street parade in which the ever-recurring cycle of violence that mankind practiced to this day, expressed theatrically through free improvised movements accompanied by Carlos Perez, Spanish traditional singer, and guitarist and a group of children from the foundation FES.

Frank Paz Soraha shoulder Granada 2018 CreArte.jpggroup setting podium  Granada 2018 CreArte.jpgFotografien: Philip de Toledo Sommerlath and the Juliuses

The ÜberBrückenkollektiv realized in May 2018, a 10-day Erasmus + project with professors and students of the University of Granada, during the Wendland Festival with the theme; Art therapy. In the context of an empirical exchange of experience between therapeutic and everyday life cultures, to react to creative impulses.

More info will be added soon.

ÜB Cooperation with Tanz der Kulturen e.V. / Bangoura Group 2018: Dance of Cultures e.V. is an association of dancers, educators, and musicians who conceive and carry out joint socio-cultural educational projects. The basic idea of ​​the association is to make the integrative potential of African dance traditions with live music in a contemporary way accessible to people of all ages, of different social and cultural backgrounds. The aim of the association is to create dance-spanning and cross-cultural communities through dance in which people can re-encounter themselves and others beyond prejudice. The association was initiated in 2018 by the multicultural artist and pedagogue team Bangoura Group and is a member of the Association of Free Performing Arts Hamburg.

32921546_1904262829597359_3862143542998597632_o (1).jpgFotografie: Verena Brockshus- Sprung

Moussa foto Kleid.png


The ÜB team is expanding: Heiderose Gerberding – new cultural manager at ÜB  2019

EU Project 2018/ 2019/ 20

Moving forward through an EU project about art-Therapy / move on through an art-therapy EU project 2017-2018-2019: The technical seminar ART Therapy by ÜB will be offered in Frankfurt am Main from 10 to 18 September this year. Further information about the seminar contents, professors, activities, and schedule follow. The aim of this project is to develop and exchange in a relatively short time (2017-2018) innovative and effective competencies for professionals in the pedagogical, therapeutic and artistic field, together with their colleagues from partner organizations in Italy, Spain, and Germany and with the affected persons to share and realize their organizations. In line with the European strategy drafted for 2020, we want to significantly improve the opportunities for these workers, in terms of the quality of the educational background and the training conditions in their context. By means of the acquired innovative methods, the educators will strengthen their competencies and at the same time stimulate, in the adult education by means of effective methods, to apply for socially excluded persons with a risk of marginalization.

Furthermore, ÜB became a cooperation partner for the youth exchange project „Let’s Folk!“ asked to participate an EU KA105 Youth Workers Mobility.

„Let’s Folk“ As a central theme, the knowledge and mixing of various folk and folk dances are presented with the aim of preserving and promoting the popular culture of different countries, getting to know their origin and thus preventing harmful prejudices. The topics of the project are Heritage / Youth / „Let’s dance folks!“ It’s a chance for young people to experience different cultures through workshops/debates/ dramatizations and outdoor activities, and to search together for creative alternatives. The Youth Exchange Let’s FOLK will take place in October 2018 in the city of Granada and Malaga in Spain. 30 young people from Italy, Germany, Greece, Romania, and Turkey will come together to realize this project.

More information about this project will be published soon on our website.


Reflexions on Youth projects ÜB 2017:

Last year we realized 3 projects for you, which took place from April to August and are offered as different courses and various places.

During the summer holidays, a re-enactment of the successfully completed adventure summer holiday project from 2016 will take place again (see trailer below).

The new summer project, „Dance through the summer – by city and country“, took place again in Frankfurt city parks, but also in the Wetteraukreis, where mountains, forests, and lakes are waiting for you.

A summer project for young people who wanted to experience something „special“ during this summer. Dance- theater- music- acrobatics- mask- photography- course- painting- stilts, and excursions to the city of Frankfurt and the surrounding countryside to cultural activities were on the agenda. Especially sharing the joy and getting to know new friends from many different cultures are „included“. With free admission for all!

Our second project „Colors of Life – We are the world of Now“ was an artistic adventure and performed in a modern church in August in the North West City of Frankfurta.M. A joint dance theater project of the „Intercultural Workshop (Interkulturelle Wekstatt e.V.“ and Over-Bridges (ÜberBrücken), Collective Network for Cultural and Sociocultural Projects / 2017. The project titled „Colors of Life – We are the World of Now“ serves as a further inspiration to record individual stories of the participants, their interests, fears, and future events, to thematize them and to find scenic translations. The question of how to deal with the „strange,“ the „being different“ and what connects us will be the focus. Participants will learn the basics of the dance theater and the cultural expressions that they embed, and learn how to create their own genre trans-passing artistic representations for a performance/staging.

2016 Feder im Wind Arbeitsprozess.jpgWorkshop for a project „Feather n the Wind“  Photography: Simone Wedel

An integrative performative sort fest in which the audience w invited to celebrate together. Another „interesting aspect“ of our performance was the combination of the multilateral use of the new media. We combined techniques of video, computer, photo, sound, and internet. Live stream projections of a Whats-app-chat, selected during the performance by the participants and selected spectators with comments and photos, provided interesting surprises. In addition, self-portraits photographed and modeled by participants were projected by the adolescents about their desires, opinions and views on various themes of their lives, subject-related text phrases, will be projected on all the canvases of the church.

Performance feder im Wind Sprungszene .jpgPerformance „Feather in the Wind – a new beginning!?” 2016 Photography: Doro Weigt

The performance was part of the yearly performance of the intercultural workshop in the Dietrich-Bonhoeffer-Kirche and on the forecourt of the municipality Saturday, August 19, 2017, the performance goes into the premiere.

Three further performances took place in the immediate living environment of the participants in the area of Frankfurt.

During the Intercultural Week in November, the 5 years anniversary of the Intercultural Workshop on Saturday, 11.11.2017

Public performances were realized on the playgrounds of the JuKuZ Höchst and on official celebrations of the AWO Hessen Süd.


Objectives and target group

The center focus was the creation of an artistic meeting space for young people and young adults, refugees, people with and without a migration background from different ages with different cultural background, from Frankfurt and the surrounding area.

The cooperation partners, north-west cities, church communities and various associated institutions, as well as the OverBridges collective in Frankfurt and in the surrounding area, have emphasized the urgent need for a transcultural cultural work. Integration and diversity require a process of mutual acquaintance and learning. To this end, the work of the IKW has been setting standards for 5 years, gathering over this period many people who have often been active in the association for several years.

A participatory project that translates confrontational issues in direct collaboration with social networks translated into art by experienced actors. Together we were looking for a fictional „alternative“ in which multicultural co-operation demonstrates the added value of diversity. The composition of the group aimed at the project is aimed at a broad cultural exchange of ideas, with the intention of knowing and understanding „better“ learning, the perception of cultural diversity and the artistic and playful approach to the „strange“ and the „connecting“.

Performance Feder im Wind Stelzenszene 2016.jpg

Performance „Feather in the Wind- a new beginning!?“2016  Photography: Doro Weigt

ÜberBrücken is a collective network of artists and social pedagogues for the development and organization of cultural and social-cultural projects, with the aim to give creative impulses to people in „disadvantaged life situations“.

Our projects have an average of 20 to 60 participants, most of whom have a migrant or refugee background, they a designated as particularly relevant by the Youth Office in Frankfurt and were awarded as model projects. These projects are funded regularly by the City of Frankfurt Cultural Office, the Federal Association of Free Performing Arts, and various cultural organizations and institutions.

Experienced artists accompanied by social pedagogues and volunteers offered workshops in the fields of dance, theater, music, acrobatics and design in which the participants can deal with their own identity at the creative level.  Through the theater repertoire, with a focus on movement, an intercultural communication space is created, in which multicultural expression forms are developed through the participants‘ dialogue among themselves, into a total work of art of a performance.


Frank Händeler  (MA dance-theater science, – pedagogue, choreographer, and performer) is artistic director of UB. You can find more information about Haendeler under Biography in the text below under Biography.
Simone Wedel is the project manager and acts as a video artist and creates the digital images of the performances from ÜberBrücken. She co-ordinated among other things the social-cultural project „Land in Sicht?“ And worked as a video technician in exhibitions and theaters – e.g. „Maison des Arts de Creteil“ (FR), events in the public space – e.g. Antagon theater action (D).

The participating artists, such as Yola Garbers, a dance instructor and dance pedagogue, were involved in our project. The artistic team was supplemented by Michaela Strohmeyer (theater pedagogue), Milena Spielvogel (communication scientist and performer), Sander Fuchs (filmmaker, performer and stilt worker), Niklas Fiedler (master of philosophy and painter) and Marius Miron (actor and cartoonist).