EU – ERASMUS + Strategic Partnership – Integrative Social-Cultural Projects with/for children/ youth and adult education

Wishing you a peaceful and creative new year with social artistic projects to be realized in 2020

Social Artistic Festival CreArte Granada Spain 

From May 17th to 19th 2019, the Second Edition of the #CreArTe #Social #Art #Festival will take place in Granada. It is a festival that aims to give visibility to different artistic practices as a tool for social inclusion.

Art represents an infinite space of expression, relationship and growth, capable of breaking barriers and giving voice to unfair situations.
For this reason, we want the art and social world to have a platform for dialogue and experimentation that will grow and consolidate innovative and effective methodologies for social inclusion.

The guests will give workshop throughout the weekend in which they will show us consolidated projects on how Art can serve the social sector.

These workshops, which will take place at the Fundación Escuela de Solidaridad are dedicated to students, artists, ONG associations, foundations, social workers and any interested person.

This year all the participants in the Festival will have the opportunity to participate in a great Street Parade that will bring together all the results of the workshops on Sunday, May 19 at 6:00 p.m. in Granada.


International Study Exchange – EU Erasmus+ Granada Spain C4


3. EU Erasmus + Art & therapy – a performative seminar representing art in the dialogue with therapeutic concepts, „a way of social Inclusion/admission “
 Erasmus + project, the strategic partnership in the adult – education 2019

will take place in Fundacion  Escuela de Solidaridad Sierra Elvira in Granada Spain.

Information to the seminar:
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PROGRAM final 1. May Seminar Art-Therapie Mai 2019 final (1)

The aim of this project is to develop, exchange and communicate with the organizations concerned, from Italy, Spain and Germany, innovative and effective competences for specialists in the pedagogical, therapeutic and artistic fields.
The methods used are intended to provide the opportunity for professionals to continue their education and to use innovative practices that aim at a healing effect and at the same time offer an opportunity for the art therapy in our society to provide more visibility and recognition.


The Partners involved are:

Fundacion Escuela Solidaridad from Spain

Artemide from Italy…/volunteering/organisation/946901585_en

ÜberBrücken Kollektiv/ cross over collective from Germany

Eu Erasmus + Project with the participation of ÜberBrücken / over bridges 2019

Let's Folk Flyer

Project Information

The Youth Exchange“ Let’s FOLK!“ will take place in the city of Malaga and Granada (Spain) for 8 days in 22-29 April 2019, with the participation of 36 young people coming from Italy, Germany, Greece, Romania, and Turkey.
This exchange will be an opportunity for meeting and cohabitation of different cultures through workshops /exercises/debates/ dramatizations and outdoor activities.
The central theme will be the different folk and traditional dances in a Non-Formal Educational context. It will be performed and taught by Pranadanza Association, our partners and the young participants.

Trailer Flash Mob Lets Folk Plaza Nueva Center Granada Spain: